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Hidden Object Hunt

The hidden object game Apothecarium – Renaissance of Evil is also known as Hidden Object Hunt. Players enter a world where strange things have been discovered beneath the city. Some of the items may be linked to good, whilst others may unleash evil. In every level, you’re tasked with finding objects amongst the clutter. Some items are easy to find, whilst others present a bigger challenge. More and more players are immersing themselves in the world of Hidden Object Hunt all the time. There are many hours of entertainment and compelling gameplay to be enjoyed, so why wait any longer to get started with the game?

You may face problems with finding the objects you need to uncover, but magic hints can help you get back into the game. Known for its impressive graphics, tense atmosphere and gripping storyline, the game features a string of wonderfully challenging puzzles and has become one more the most popular titles in its field amongst recent years. Why not play Hidden Object Hunt or Apothecarium Chapter II today?