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Block Racer

Why not start playing Block Racer today if you have been looking online for thrilling racing games that offer hours and hours of enjoyment? The game requires you to showcase your finest driving skills and avoid a string of obstacles in order to become victorious. Many players across the world have invested countless hours in plating the game in order to surpass their best distances. The game features retro 8bit graphics and allows you to collect coins that you can use to unlock new cars or continue after making mistakes. You’ll constantly choose between playing it safe or taking risks to up your number of coins, which ensures thrilling gameplay.

More and more gamers across the world are feeling the brilliance of Block Racer. Go as fast as you possibly can whilst collecting all the coins you can. You can use the left and right arrow keys to switch lanes and avoid obstacles including cars, traffic barriers, trucks and much more. Why not take a closer look at Block Racer and start playing today?