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Drift Race

Drift Race is an incredibly popular game featuring the kind of drift controls you might associate with arcades as well as gripping, high-tempo action. Players take part in short races against a maximum of three opponents on tracks that feature an array of obstacles and power-ups. You’ll start the game with a beginner’s race in the Bronze League before familiarising yourself with the steering to in races and upgrade your vehicle. You’ll then be able to use your prize money to exchange your car for a more impressive vehicle and enter higher-profile games which may be more expensive to take part in but can bring you vast amounts of prize money.

By completing all races of a league, you can qualify for a higher one – once you have saved up a significant amount, you can even replace your modest car with a proper race car or even a supercar. Why not start playing Drift Race today if you’re ready to propel yourself to the top of the Gold League? Take a closer look at Drift Race today.