Hoe werkt het?

Flappy Multiplayer

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the entertaining, addictive and frustrating yet hugely rewarding world of Flappy Multiplayer? If so, why not get started today? In the game, you need to fly and overtake your opponents whilst avoiding hazards such as pipes to get further than your rivals. Find out how flappy you are today. The multiplayer functionality enables you to pit your wits against your friends, and you can even show off your success on social media. Post your scores to prove your prowess and cement your status as one of the flappiest around.
There are five mini-games that will allows you to find out just how flappy you are. These are Flappy Bird Classic (hit or die), Flappy Bird Smasher (smash with blood), Flappy Bird (wrack the flappy), Flappy bird (boxing punch) and Flappy bird (landing or die). The game can be enjoyed by all kinds of players of all ages and features one-touch controls. Are you ready to take on the world’s top flappy players? Then why not play Flappy Multiplayer today?