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Hero Clicker

Are you ready to showcase your finest skills in Hero Clicker? In Hero Clicker, you need to fight your way through unknown lands populated by all sorts of wicked monsters. Hero Clicker has regularly been compared to Cookie Clicker and is an endless game that you can expect to derive hours and hours of excitement and joy from. You can play alone or as part of a group tasked with taking on the ruthless monsters. Your squadron of heroes has been built to take on any opponent including the knight, maiden and paladin. Make full use of your mouse to click your enemies to their death and carry on upgrading your squad to make it strong and more formidable.
Growing numbers of people across the planet are enjoying the game all the time, so why wait any longer to join an ever-expanding network of happy gamers? Why not start playing the game today and send your adversaries to a brutal demise whilst cementing your status as one of the most respected Hero Clicker players around?