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Jewels Blitz

If you’ve been looking online for thrilling match 3 puzzle games, Jewels Blitz may well be ideal for your needs. In the game, you need to combine a minimum of three same-type gems in order to vanish them and score points. Match more than three jewels and you’ll benefit from boosters that can remove complete lines, same-coloured gems and squares. More and more puzzle games over the world are immersing themselves in Jewels Blitz, so why not enjoy the game yourself today? There are hours upon hours of entertainment and joy to be derived from the game. Join a global network of satisfied players and get started right now.
The game is pleasingly simple and thoroughly entertaining. Ensure your successes aren’t forgotten by submitting them to the leaderboard so they can continue to be admired. Levels are cleared when precious gems have been removed at all positions. You can move the gems around by using your mouse. Why wait any longer to start playing Jewels Blitz, one of the most popular games of its type in the world?