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Office Slacking

Have you been searching online for fun and distinctive games that you can play with your mouse? If so, Office Slacking is for you. In Office Slacking, you’re tasked with keeping Sarah, who is bored at work, entertained. You can do this by performing activities like ironing her dress for her date and making the time go faster for her without her boss noticing and punishing her. Your job is to complete as many mini-tasks for her before time runs out. There have been many sequels and spin-offs to the original office slacking over the years – for instance in Office Slacking 14, Sarah is working for a hi-tech publisher working on exciting magazines, but the job hasn’t turned out to be as fun as she was expecting it to be.
Similar games include Ice Skating Slacking, Easter Slacking and Chocolate Factory slacking. More and more people are enjoying the various slacking games available online all the time. Why not start playing Office Slacking today to help Sarah get things done and keep her amused?