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Pudding Land 2

More and more people across the globe are diving into the fun, magical world of Pudding Land 2, which is a match 3 game featuring a host of adorable pudding monsters. You need to match three of more monsters and collect boosters to complete levels. Why not see just how far you can travel through the magical kingdom today? Pudding Land 2 has won high scores across all sorts of review sites.
This version of the game features new levels, brand new boosters and a host of new challenges to make the game even more entertaining. The gameplay has been partially inspired by Diamond Dash and task players with popping at least three same-coloured puddings to make them disappear. If you break more puddings at the same time, you’ll be able to earn more points as well as more coins. You can use the coins to buy boosters to help you level up. What’s more is that there are more than 100 levels to work your way through. Why not play Pudding Land 2 today?