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Spa Salon

Spa Salon is a mouse-based game where you’re tasked with giving Bella a range of beauty treatments so she is ready to be maid-of-honour at the wedding of her best friend. The wedding is due to take place tomorrow, but a number of blemishes have appeared on Bella’s face overnight, and she doesn’t want these to feature on the wedding photos. The blemishes are unlikely to go away on their own in time, so it’s vita that you tale Bella to the spa so she can receive all the appropriate treatments including cream for eliminating zips and a peppermint mask. You also need to help Bella feel relaxed so she is confident enough for the big day.
Once Bella starts to unwind, you can treat her to a fashion makeover so she looks fantastic for the wedding and wins praise from her friends and all the other guests. More and more people are playing Spa Salon across the world, and you only need to use your mouse to make your way through it. Why not try out Spa Salon for yourself right now?