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Stack Tower

Although Stack Tower may seem simple at first, the more the game progresses, the more challenging it becomes. The game tasks you with building the highest tower you possibly can, so why not start stacking platforms right now? Remember, the more you miss, the smaller your tower will become, so do everything in your power to ensure you get it right first time. If you’re ready to build a tower tall enough to touch the clouds and ensure it stays standing, get started right now.
The action gets faster as time moves on so don’t rest on your laurels – keep focused at all times to get the best results. Stack Tower online may well be the right game fir you if you have been looking online for point and click, high score and concentration games. The game is immediately addictive and requires you to employ perfect timing to build the perfect high tower. More and more games lovers across the world are enjoying Stack Tower, so why wait any longer to put your skills to the test?