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Toilet Roll

Are you looking for hilarious games that will allow you to put your skills to the test? If so, why not try out the game Toilet Roll today? Toilet Roll is set in a virtual bathroom where you need to unroll as many rolls of loo paper as you can before time runs out? If you have fast hands, this game may well be for you. You need to scroll as fast as you can to make your way through as many rolls as possible so you can set the highscore.
How fast can you pull the paper? You can even buy new patterns of toilet roll in the shop. You need to use your mouse to unroll the toilet paper. There are two types of game to choose from; Drag Game and Wheel Game. Once all the toilet paper is unrolled, the game is finished. Sounds add to the action but you can remove them from the game by unticking sound in the bottom-left corner if you wish. Why not play Toilet Roll right now?