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Toss A Paper Multiplayer

It’s a long day at the office, so why not make the hours go faster by exploring the world of Toss a Paper Multiplayer? The game has been played by office staff over the world during breaks and downtime, and the enjoyment can be heightened by taking on your workmates. The game features seven new locations and tasks you crumpling up a piece of paper and making it sure it lands in the trash can. If this sounds easy, you may be surprised to see just how challenging it is. For instance, there are various factors that might impact on your paper’s journey from your hand to the trash can such as the electric fans firing air through the office.
The game has helped to improve office atmospheres across the globe, and you can use the money you win for buying better equipment for tossing. Work your way through the game and develop your skills so you can take on some of the best Toss a Paper Multiplayer veterans around. Play Toss a Paper Multiplayer today.