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Touch and Catch Santa

Touch and Catch Santa may well be ideal for you if you’ve been searching for festive-themed games that allow you to put your skills to the very limit? Play Touch and Catch Santa and you’ll be tasked with helping him catch presents falling out of his tree. The game is as fast-paced as it is enjoyable and requires you make use of your best timing skills rather than your reactions. Santa needs to decorate his sleigh with balls – you need to tap at just the right time to ensure his Christmas tree balls land in his basket rather than shattering elsewhere, which will mean missing out on a glorious victory.

The game features retro 8-bit graphics and has become one of the most popular Santa-themed games online. Why wait any longer to try out Touch and Catch Santa for yourself? Make Santa’s sleigh look fantastic and bring a real smile to the children’s faces. Take a closer look at the game right now and become one of Santa’s most trusted and respected assistants.