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Two Blocks

Players across the world are deriving hours of fun from the game Two Blocks. In the game, players are tasked with connecting blocks as quickly as they can. You can create squares and create other kinds of designs. Remember, you won’t be able to link shapes together diagnolly. Two Blocks is a hugely enjoyable brain teaser that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Connecting two or more blocks of the same colour will remove them from the board, and connections can be vertical or horizontal. There are no limits on how long your blocks can be.
Trapping other blocks as part of a square will see the blocks you have trapped transformed into bombs that will enable you to destroy even more blocks more quickly. There are 80 increasingly-difficult levels to work your way through, with a number of different objectives. Though the games starts off rather easy, the challenge grows as you’re faced with obstacles like bricks and ice. Why not see how you fare with Two Blocks and start playing right now?