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Viking King

In Viking King, you play as part of a formidable army of Vikings, whilst trying to escape the wrath of Odin, whose attacks you constantly need to dodge in order to be victorious. Viking King is a humourous and richly entertaining platformer game, where you need to avoid dangerous attacks coming from the sky and do everything in your power to stay alive as long as you can and make your way around the game board. The game is renowned for its fast pace and requires you to avoid attacks of fire and ice from Odin. More and more gamers across the planet are enjoying the game all the time.
Your pagans have being formed by the hammer of Thor, which means they are designed to avoid attacks as long as you show off your finest techniques and skills. As the game develops, the action gets faster and faster. You can use the arrows on your keyboard and click your mouse to play the game. Why not start playing Viking King online right now?