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Yatzy Aces

Love the soft, muffled sound of shaken dice before the roll? Yatzy is a public domain Poker-style dice game similar to Yacht and Yahtzee and is played most in the Scandinavian countries. It's called when you roll five dice of the same number. After each roll of five dice, the player chooses which dice to keep, and which to re-roll. A player may re-roll some or all of the dice up to two times on a turn. Automatically, the scores or zeros are placed into a score box each turn. The game ends when all score boxes are used. The player with the highest total score wins the game. If you've never played Yatzy before, fear not! A full, pleasurable tutorial starts off your toe-dipping into the game. It's a great way to learn Yatzy Aces, this special Softgames version of the game. Roll on into the heady, dicey waters of Yatzy Aces today! Experts and novices will find much to learn and enjoy!