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"Play Again" feature clarification

06.09.2021, 13:09

I would like to know how the "Play Again" feature works in 2021. I remember reading somewhere in the forums (i think the only article/news about it was from 2018?? I can be wrong) that if you couldn't finish some quests in a game, later you would have the option to try again. Something like that.

- - I tried to replay the games that i have finish (all quests done) but nothing happens
- - I tried to play games that i haven't finish (time expired) but nothing hapens

All this with new accounts (for the games), clean caches, etc. The usual recommended stuff.

Basically I would like to know if the feature works in 2021, how it works, and if yes, what are the necessary conditions for it. Was it a feature from the "past" that at the moment is just there, deactivated? I'm curious if there is a way go gain more bananas with this aspect (by replaying finish games or finishing unfinished ones).

Some kind of clarification would be much appreciated

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RE: "Play Again" feature clarification - 18.09.2021, 18:00
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