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CSGO Prime (B2P)
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Improving CSGO gameplay

1. Learn the recoil of the different guns. All the guns in csgo have a different recoil. The become better in csgo you should learn the recoil of all the guns. This will really help you while playing csgo. If you are too lazy to learn the recoil of the guns you can also use a special technique. It's called tap-fire. This is basically that you hold the mouse for 2 seconds then release and hold the mouse again as fast as possible. The bullets spread either. So if you are walking the bullets go everywhere while using an AWP. So while using an AWP it is really important to stand completely still and crouch if possible, because this will improve your accuracy. While using the gun called Tec-9 you can just walk because the gun is always really accurate. And remember try never jumping while using the AWP. This will really lower your accuracy
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2. Hardware, it is extremely important that you don't lag while playing. If your computer lags while playing csgo than you should try and lower your graphics settings.
You'll need this specs to be able to run the game on a good quality.
Intel Core i3 or AMD FX-4100 or better
4 GB RAM or more
Nvidia GTX 750 / AMD R7 250 or better
Playing with a good mouse and a comfortable keyboard is also important. If the mouse doesn't feel good in the hand you won't be able to play the game as good as possible. Good mouses are somewhat expensive. I recommend using the Logitech G502 since it is a really good mouse and is fits in the hand. If you are more a razer fan you can also use the razer naga, the benefit of this mouse is that you can quickly switch between weapons by using the number keys on the side of the mouse.
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3. Sound, sound is also really important to have turned on. If you have sound turned on you can hear the enemies coming and you can talk with your teammates. Your teammates can also tell you where the enemies are and have a fun conversation with them. I recommend using a good headset and if possible a good microphone. Because you want to hear the enemies coming and talk with your teammates using the team chat function of csgo. I recommend buying the Logitech G430 or if you like razer more you can also use the Razer Kraken [7.1]. You could also buy a studio microphone to improve your microphone quality. Studio microphones are really expensive and not really needed but it does really improve your microphone quality. If you really want to buy a studio microphone you can consider buying the Rode NT1-A. Personally, I think a studio microphone isn't worth it for only csgo.
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