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Cuntwars, a strategy game that taunts the player.

So, after getting countless adverts on this game I thought giving it a try could be a fun way to spend the evening. I was not mistaken.
After the first 2 minutes I was stuck with a big smile on my face. The open chatbox on the left has given me a few good laughs talking to people online. I'd say more games lack this option as it's really given me a positive first-impression. The game itself doesn't hesitate and drops you straight into a battle, teaching you all you need to know and guiding you how to fight. The fights exist of turn based battle as seen in games like Mighty Party (these two are very similar) or Final Fantasy. The battles themselves are accompanied by very amusing dialogue. I recommend not taking this very seriously as it tends to get quite ridiculous. If you manage to overlook that bit it is easy to find yourself chuckle at the barbaric sentences the characters are throwing at each other. In between the matches you are rewarded with some decently drawn 18+ animations, or if that doesn't float your boat, some in-game rewards like gold and new items that entice you to play more. It is not too challenging as well, so don't worry about getting stuck. You are always welcomed with new items and animations.

The artwork and dialogue make the tutorial-esque fight quite enjoyable. Normally tutorials are tedious and take too much time. This one however, takes only a minute, explaining you what you need to know about the game. It's showing the ins and outs and does it in 3 short battles. Another plus for the game! Then, the next important part of the game is the artstyle. The artstyle is a big mish-mash of artstyles you might encounter on other games such as Huniepop or Pussy Saga. Whereas the animations inbetween the battles are like nothing I've seen before. The reward screens I'm also quite fond of. It has not really established it's own artstyle but mixing a lot of different styles sure pleases a bigger crowd of people. So I could understand why they would ave continued with their decision. The menu screen they could have done better, as there I lost track of what I was doing and the layout is slightly chaotic in that section. Perhaps sticking to more simple colors, than just many vibrant ones would have made it easier for me to navigate. The characters themselves have a nice concept. Most being inspired by mythical creatures such as nymphs and fairies, or the more well-known succubus. This too helps recognizing the artstyle a bit more as well as making it more memorable. I feel like cutting down a bit more to 1 familiarizable artstyle could do a lot of good, but even now, it is holding up quite well. Nothing too outdated or odd.

Then finally for the conclusive opinion. I must say I had a good time playing this. If it wasn't for the numerous amounts of times I have seen the ads I may not have clicked on it now. But I definitely don't regret it. I had lots of laughs from the dialogue and some good minutes spent on the battles and strategising/seeing what worked best. Trying to win a battle to see the rewards always managed to keep me on edge. And finding out what to do with the new rewards also gave me a bit of fun. I would definitely recommended for those above 18 looking for a non-serious strategy game with comedic value and a solid in-your-face artstyle (If you know what I mean). If you are looking for more action on screen than gaming, you might be at the wrong place. But when you consider that not to be part of a game like this. Which I think wouldn't. Then you'll quickly spend an hour or so playing it. So if you're looking for some gazongas and babongas, don't hesitate and try it out. But if you require hard thinking in a strategy game for it to be fun. Then maybe try something else.


5.0 (1)
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