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League of Legends
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Garen Top lane guide for beginners

If you start playing Top lane in League of Legends, start with an easy champion such as Garen or Teemo. If you want to become better at playing a champion, you could use Guides and YouTube videos, playing that single champion over and over, learning by yourself. A good way to play Garen is playing as a tank: stack health, armour, magic resist etc. But I think more aggressive players should use another build: lethality, armour, atack damage, health regen and also health. But remember you should build items on what the enemies are building: If all your enemies are stacking Ability Power, you don't want to have armour, but magic resist and if you started stacking Ability Power (which increases your magic damage) and the enemies are stacking magic resist, you should stack magic penetration too. Always build on what your enemies are building.
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What is important too, is that rune pages are really necessary since season 8. If you pick the best runes, you can win easier your lane (it also depends on who you're fighting). There are a few keystones for Garen that work really well, grasp of the undying for health, phase rush if you like to poke with Q, kleptomancy if you want to have your build faster and some other runes. The best way to get your runes is to search for guides on YouTube, to see how to use and play Garen with the rune page. The order of upgrades is normally Q-E-W-E-E-R-E-Q-E-Q-R-Q-Q-W-W-R-W-W

This is the most used order.
Combos for attacking: Q to run, slap, and E and R(if necessary). Don't forget to W if the enemies is trying to damage you. Also, use ignite instead of teleport if you are playing a little bit agressive, to do that last bit of damage. Also use flash to escape (and your Q that gives Movement Speed).
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What you should try to learn also: know the mechanics of other top laners and learn how to counter those top laners, maybe by using YouTube. Garen has a pretty big number of champions which can counter garen pretty easy, like Teemo, Pantheon, Illaoi, Quinn or Fiora. Those champions have shields which can easily counter your Q, or have ranged abilities or basic attacks which can poke you easily. If you only master Garen, this is a really important thing, but even the most difficult match-ups can be won by you!

However if you can learn or main other champions which counter Garen's counterpicks, you can just pick that other champion if you already know who your opponent is going to be. Try to learn all kinds of top laners and master them to reach high ELO!

Hope you learnt something!
Good luck and have fun playing Garen!
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