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Rocket League (B2P)
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Rocket League Review (Is it worth buying?)

I have Rocket League now for over a year and I haven't regret buying it yet, its really fun to play even if you're not good at it. They have competetive modes, unranked modes and other game modes as: Rumble (in rumble you get a power up every ten seconds after you used the previous one), Dropshot (in dropshot you have 2 sides and if you smash the ball on the ground it will get a color, if you smash it again it breaks and the you can shoot the ball in), 4v4 Chaos (chaos is the classic Hit the ball but with four opponents and four teammates that includes you, even though four sounds like it is not many but it is really 'chaotic' every one is going for the ball and you are just one small piece of the team) in the screenshots you see Rumble and Dropshot my favorite gamemodes. there are more like Hoops that is enjoy but these i enjoy the most.
Door dit spel te spelen kun jij ontvangen: 100 Speel
1. Rumble as you can see on the screenshot there is a shout hitting a other car, thats only one of the power ups there are more power ups than you think, so far there are 11 power ups: the Boot thats the one you see on the screenshot (it is used to kick players out of the way or just to irritate them), the Disruptor (Causes your opponent to drive uncontrollably becouse it makes them boost for a few seconds straight), the Freezer (the Freezer freezes the ball in place for a few seconds its used to save a goal or to make it harder to reach), the Grappling Hook (the Grappling Hook holds on the ball and pulls you to it until you hit the ball), the Heymaker (the Heymaker is a boxing glove and its a bit like the 'Boot' but the only difference its doesn't shoot the others car but it shoots the ball), there are a few more but i will not go on about them, you have to see them yourself.
Door dit spel te spelen kun jij ontvangen: 100 Speel
2. Dropshot: as you can see on the screenshot there are colored pieces that are hit once. if the ball is normal it makes one piece colored or destroyed, but if it is like in the picture then it does more damage to the floor as it destroyes every piece around the piece you hit. The kick off is not really special but its a bit different than normal because it bounces first, your boost refills automaticly when you don't use it if you use it its just going away, i don't really know what to say more about Dropshot than this but i can say that its a lot of fun to play and i should really play it if you are going to buy Rocket League. Talking about buying Rocket League I said in the title '(worth buying?)' and to get back to that question, yes it is really worth buying if you want to but it on steam it is $20,- but its cheaper on sites like g2a.com or gamflip.com
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