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Bubble Shooter Saga 2 - Team Battle

In Bubble Shooter Saga 2 – Team Battle, the red team takes on the blue team to see who can put more bubbles. You’ll be tasked with not only popping bubbles but collecting coins along the way and helping the cute teddy to solve all 90 levels. The game has been revamped significantly since the first incarnation of Bubble Shooter Saga, and all levels have new ideas and a different layout. Whilst the game starts off relatively easy, you’ll have to work harder and harder as it progresses to gain the right results.
Hitting two or more coloured bubbles with a same-coloured bubble removes them from the boards. The amount of coins you receive depends on the number of bubbles you destroy in a single shot. You can use your coins to buy more boosters which will help you make your way through the levels. Players across the world are experiencing the thrill of Bubble Shooter Saga 2 – Team Battle. Why not test out your bubble shooting skills and start playing Bubble Shooter Saga 2 for yourself right now?