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Endless Bubbles

Remove bubbles as quick as you can to gain victory in the popular game Endless Bubbles. In the game, you need to clear at least three bubbles of the same colour to gain success, and you need to spend one magic wand per bubble. The faster you clear the bubbles, the bigger the score becomes. There are hours of fun to be derived from Endless Bubbles, so why not see what all the fuss is about for yourself today?

The aim of the game is to continue playing rather than just aiming for a certain score of clearing a level. Make the bubbles vanish from the screen, and aim to eliminate as many bubbles as you can at the same time to obtain maximum points. Why not compete against your friends to find out who has the most skill and who has the biggest edge over their rivals? More and more players across the world are immersing themselves in the wonderful world of Endless Bubbles, so why not start playing the game right now?