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Griddlers Deluxe

In Griddlers Deluxe, players must colour blocks in order to reveal hidden pictures and patterns. The game can be played for free and is ideal for anyone seeking logic puzzle games to play. You’ll be given the chance to make the most of your mathematical prowess, and will need to fill up cells in eth right order whilst avoiding mistakes. Games like this are also known as Japanese Crosswords, Nongrames and Hanjie. Numbers tell you how many unbroken lines of filled-in squares feature in rows and columns. Begin puzzles by colouring blocks. More and more puzzle fans are enjoying Griddlers Deluxe all the time, so why not put your skills to the test and see how you fare today?
Join a global community of players and derive hours and hours of fun from the game. You can even create new puzzles, and there are many readymade puzzles to choose from too. What’s more us that you can add your own images when making new puzzles. Why wait any longer to start playing Griddlers Deluxe?