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Kitchen Slacking

The game Kitchen Slacking has kept players amused and entertained across the world. In the game, you need to help Sarah, who has taken a job in a kitchen despite the fact she cannot actually cook. Your job is to help her out with several tasks like flipping pancakes, preparing cakes, making sandwiches and even feeding the cat. You must perform these jobs on Sarah’s behalf whilst avoiding getting caught. Help Sarah avoid her mean boss and enable her to keep her job. You can use your mouse or keyboard to complete the tasks that await you in Kitchen Slacking. More and more people are enjoying the game, so why not join a global network of happy players and try it out for yourself right now?

Kitchen Slacking is one of the many Slacking games that you can play online for free. Sarah is getting better at cooking but still requires your assistance. She will be eternally grateful for your help – just make sure the boss doesn’t see you. Why not play Kitchen Slacking today?