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Octopus Hugs

Octopus Hugs requires you to link at least three same-coloured octopuses and work your way through 50 challenging but richly rewarding levels. You are allocated a limited number of moves, which means you need to achieve level goals before they run out to avoid defeat. Earn more points by creating longer chains, which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Boosters will help you progress throughout levels, with the rainbow booster destroying octopuses of the same colour. Meanwhile, bombs can clear areas. There are hours and hours of enjoyment to be derived from Octopus Hugs, so why not dive in today?
The game may well be for you if you have been searching for fun and colourful match 3 games. It is also noted for its vibrant graphics and soothing music, which make it a relaxing and hugely-enjoyable offering. The coins you obtain after each level can be used for power-ups. More and more gamers across the globe are immersing themselves in Octopus Hugs, so why not try the game out for yourself right now?