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Tap The Black Tile

Have you been looking online for fun and highly-engaging reaction games? If so, Tap the Black Tile may well be for you. Players are tasked with tapping as many black tiles as they possibly can before they run out of time, with tiles appearing around boxes whilst they tap. You need to tap as fast as you possibly can as some tiles will only appear for a few seconds. The game is designed to test your reflexes to the limit – just avoid tapping the white boxes or the game will come to an end and you will be defeated.

More and more reaction game fans across the world are enjoying Tap the Black Tile. Are you ready to find out just how long you can last? If so, why wait any longer to play the game? You can play the game whilst using the controls on your mouse. Don’t wait any longer to play Tap the Black Tile – tap the right boxes as fast as you can to start soaring up the leaderboards.