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Riot points

Developed and published by Riot Games, League of Legends is a widely popular 3D MOBA that became available to audiences in 2009. The game is supported by Windows and MacOS and can be played on any PC with the aforementioned requirements. Set in a fantasy world inspired by Warcraft III, the players take on the role of summoners, who then control characters within the game. These characters, known as champions, then operate within the game and fight battles against other players and NPCs. The game is set within three maps, known as Fields of Justice, each with their unique landscape and features that allow interactive and interesting gameplay.


The game has an in-game currency system consisting of Inheritance points and Riot Points. Riot Points are the currency within the game needed to purchase in-app features. These points can be earned during gameplay, or bought using real world money. Players are given access to riot points within battle against other players or NPCs, and while playing the challenges and missions offered by the game.


Another way to access riot points is to buy them, either online or in the form of 10, 20 and 100 dollar cards from local megastores. The Riot Points purchased are then transferred into the game as per the exchange rate. These Riot Points can then be used to buy champions, customization features, upgrades and equipment within the game.


The Bananatic website allows Riot Points to be bought with their own site currency of Bananas. These bananas are first won by completing quests or levels on any number of different games but they can also be bought on the site. In this way it’s possible for a player to earn both Bananas and Riot Points for free by their persistence and skill in gameplay. This then allows them to progress deeper into the game. So Bananatic contributes to the popularity and accessibility of League of Legends by increasing the availability of its currency.