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A cult classic, 10/10 would play again.

Where do i even start with this gem of a game!? :D When they many years from now, look back at our time, minecraft will stand out immensely in the videogame history.

Minecraft is a famous and genre-defining game, with a long time running. It is a open-world survival game with stuff like crafting, and mining ofcourse. The graphics are very pixelated giving the game its iconic look and family friendly feel. If you have kids, this is a great game for them to learn, express their creativity or just have fun. Minecraft can actually be fun for all ages and millions of adults also play the game, some play with friends, some play with mods and some do other stuff to spice up the experience. No matter how you choose to play, you will be offered endless hours of entertainment on any platform!

The game continues to be updated by the developers at Mojang, ensuring new stuff will be added and played in the game even long after the initial purchase. For me this is not just a game but an experience that i will personally never forget, and with the low price the game always has, i can only recemmond other to play the game also, no matter age, gender or anything else. The amount of entertainment per. dollar paid is honestly insane, and it is worth every penny by far.

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Every time your start a new world in minecraft, it will be different from the last time! When you first load into a world, its like the start of an adventure, and many of these adventures begins with chopping down wood and crafting your very first wooden tools, which will end up only being your first set of many. Depending on the difficulty level of your choice you will soon need to start looking for a source of food, whether it be from the animals roaming around the wildernes, a playermade farm, fishing or something completely different is all up to you!

Now, the game also has hostile monsters or "mobs", who also depending on the difficulty level chosen, may spawn during the night and want to harm you. The game hereby, and in others ways pushes you towards finding a place to settle down and build a base witth everything from a crafting table to craft new items, a bed to sleep, a furnace to cook food and smelt ores, a chest to store items or anything else you want in your personal base really.

Ved at spille dette spil kan du få 100 Spil

The Soundtrack of the game amazing(!), the atmosphere is extremly friendly and in the cavesystems extremely exciting. The sense of progression is motivating, the gameplay mechanics are pure genius, the joy of finding diamonds for the first time really makes you understand the boy from the viral "miiiiiiiine diiiaaaamoooonds!" youtube video/song. I could go on praising this game...

A part of the fun of minecraft, is discovering things for yourself, especially the first time! therefor i dont think much more needs to be said about this one, if you really have never heard about minecraft, you may have been living under a rock but all i can say is that, if you have the time and cant afford the reasonable price, then you gotta pick it up RIGHT NOW! (trust me) ;)

Minecraft is a timeless classic and the ultimate game for a group of friends of any age to play together. The score i give it has to be a 10/10 from me, who has followed and played the game for many years.

5.0 (1)
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