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2020! Tetra

Are you ready to derive hours upon hours of fun playing one of the finest and most popular block-based games around? If so, 2020 Tetra may well be for you. The Tetris-like game becomes more and more challenging as it progresses, with new blocks constantly coming down and players being tasked with ensuring they fit perfectly. Once rows are filled with blocks, they will disappear and you’ll be rewarded with cash. Change the direction of the blocks when you need to and use the cash you have won for power-ups. Blocks can be destroyed by bombs and can also change form.
How long do you think you can last? Why not start playing right now to see if you’re correct? You can explode, drop and spin piece, and there are four power-ups you can use that will make rounds easier. You can replace pieces, shrink clusters and destroy whole sections. It’s no wonder so many people across the globe are playing 2020 Tetra. Why not see what all the fuss is about and start playing 2020 Tetra for yourself right now?