Come funziona?

Bike Racing 2

Discerning gamers across the world are immersing themselves in the wonderful world of Bike Racing 2. The game features three challenging tracks and requires you to jump on your bike to see how much air time can be earned on each one. Are you ready to see how quickly you can get to the finish line? The game enables you to get on your bike and breeze through challenging mountain tracks that feature a host of obstacles including pits and much more. You can jump, flip and take part in various other stunts on the way to victory and even go through loops. There are races to win, and you can obtain a range of bicycles, accessories and equipment – one of the aims of Bike Racing 2 is to reach the finish line without your bike being destroyed.
There are as many as 25 different tracks to enjoy. The game is renowned for its outstanding graphics and lets you take on other players. Why not explore the world of Bike Racing 2 today?