Come funziona?

Cookie Crush 2

In Cookie Crush 2, players try to see just how fast they can cluster up treats like doughnuts, cookies and cakes. Cookie Crush 2 is where you can also choose your boosters and collect magic cookies as the action unfolds. The more cakes etc go uneaten, the less your score will be. When you make rows of three matching cakes, they will explode. By creating groups of three or more of one object, you can get more points, earn bonuses and get boosted by power-ups. Players are addicted to the many records to set and bonuses that can be earned.

It’s wise to always keep one eye on your score and avoid rushing your moves. You may need to plan ahead - use a bit of strategy - from time to time in order to be successful. The game is noted for its easy controls and delightful graphics. What’s more is that there are tons more levels in this continued instalment of the Cookie Crush series. Why not get going with Cookie Crush right now - maybe as you eat one on a break from work or other activities?