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Down The Hill

Are you ready to showcase your bike riding skills in Down the Hill? If so, why not get started right now? In Down the Hill, you can take your bike up epic hills, ride off road and power down steep slopes. The game is built around a range of ramps and hills, and you make the longest jump you can to earn more rewards. Stunning stunts will enable you to reap gold coins, and you can purchase new bikes to unlock new levels. Be wary of traps and further your progress by collecting hearts.
Down the Hill is noted for its exhilarating pace and there are hours upon hours of entertainment be derived from it. You can ride down an infinite mountain whilst avoiding trees, TNT and lava fields. The game also offers fantastic graphics and exciting gameplay as well as randomly-generated levels. There are 4 different locations as well as five unique bikes to show off your skills on. More and more people are enjoying the thrill of Down the Hill, so why not join them right now.