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Slime CCG

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Beskrivning Slime CCG

Slime CCG is a fast paced match of wits between 2 players or versus an AI. Using ever evolving & growing Slimes players build decks & battle in special arenas. Collect brand new Slime Stones each month to reveal and unlock new and exciting Slimes from other universes! Select a theme for your main menu & give Slime CCG some personal flair. Building decks is easy and simple with the intuitive deck builder and card library included in Slime CCG allowing players to customize, build, and save decks for later use from the main menu.

6 unique AI allow the player to challenge themselves to fun and exciting matches or find a friend and play locally in one of the amazing arenas, Grasslands, Eagles Nest, Flat Grounds, The Great Wall, The Stone Garden, Rainy Day, and many more allow the player to try out new and interesting ways to play Slime CCG

Keep an eye out for monthly, Holiday, and Seasonal updates to Slime CCG for free! Brand new cards, themes, and game modes will be added during these events and allow the player to unlock and play with brand new cards during the duration of the event.

If a more physical approach to card games suits you then Slime CCG has you covered with the full set of Slime CCG cards printed on high quality card stock front and back. You can get your very own set of Slime CCG cards and Playkit today for as low as $15.00 USD! A Slime CCG playkit includes, A 50 card Slime Collectible Card Game deck, one set of 50 Sleeves, 5 Slime Studios Die-cut Stickers, and a Slime CCG Play-mat!

Get Slime Collectible Card Game today for yourself and join the fun on Steam,, GameJolt, and coming soon to the Android Play Store. If there are any other operating systems you would like to see Slime CCG playable on we would love to hear from you at [email protected] feel free to request features, new cards, new themes, new arenas, and new AI. We are happy to listen to the community and grow Slime CCG in any way we can to make it a more fun and inclusive experience for players.

Want to know more? Join our wonderful community on Discord App the home of Slime Studios and the Slime CCG Discord BOT. Head on over to today to join in on the fun and keep up to date on all the newest Slime Studios and Slime CCG news!

Brand new Slime CCG expansions and game modes will be coming in the next few months on Steam and all supported platforms.

What are you waiting for download Slime CCG now from Banantic and Slime Studios and start completing quests to earn those sweet bananas and earn amazing items like Paypal credits, Steam keys, and many more physical items for gamers such as headphones, monitors, and controllers for your console or PC/MAC.

Thanks for reading and enjoy Slime Collectible Card Game.

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Slime CCG Systemkrav

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • 2 GHz
  • 1 GB
  • 500 MB
  • 1 GB
  • Broadband Internet connection / 1 Mb/s
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