How does it work?
Unlock a daily task:
1 Complete it
2 Get rewarded
3 Start winning Prizes

Win amazing Prizes! by joining our great journey

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How to collect points?
Each collected = to the Ranking!

Each registration in the game +500
Bananas from FunZone in proportion 1:1
Each person who register from user reflink +10
Each active referral +500
Each article or video on Bananapedia +50
Each completed giveaway +100
Each purchase in banana creator 1:1
Next Banana account level +250
Download Bananatic app +50
First purchase of bananas +100
Activate push notifications (one time) +50
Take part in any Bananabet lottery +50
Add the Event link to any gaming website 500-2000
Who's winning so far?
place: country: banana hero:
1 Moonsault 41379
2 adriangrantc 31023
3 emev2 30257
4 Yux1000 25091
5 Deerzzz 21861
6 BrainGrawm 21759
7 Sylviechenlein 20038
8 tolgarongamer 16643
9 gettintds 16539
10 witchdoctor5316 14806
Most active
This event starts on 20.09 and ends on the 31.10 included!
The results will be anounced on 05.11!
Banana Reward Calendar
How to participate?

1 Join the Event up to 31th of October
(Event will close on the 31th at midnight)

2 Each task in the event gives you Event points!

3 Raise your chance by doing more than just the calendar! Get as much bananas as possible during the event!

ALL activities on the site are included, except "purchase bananas" and "promotional codes"! We keep it fair!

4 Bananas will be automatically converted into Event points!

5 Check the map every day to unlock a new task

You've seen this a bit late in the month?

No worries!
You can do all the previous tasks
even if you join later!

Only ONE account per person!
You don't have to complete all the tasks to take part in the event!

But the more you do
the more points you'll get!

Contest ranking
Contest ranking is updated once a day!