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My reveiw of Fortnite!


Mars Tomorrow My take on DOTA2 these days


Unlimited Ninja Tavern decisions

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Akinator This game very easy to get Equipment


Roblox Roblox: How to not look like a noob

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Adorable Home - Game review


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  • Rust (B2P) My take on Cuisine Royale: ACTUALLY AMAZING

    To be honest, Ive never actually heard of Cuisine Royale outside of bananatic. The only famous battle royales that I hear of are Fortnite, PUBG, and COD. This is why I wasnt really expecting much when I was downloading Cuisine Royale for the first time. My initial impression of the game was that it...

  • Roblox Is roblox good for kids?

    Roblox is a very popular game that is played on many platforms. Parents are probably wondering if Roblox is a good and safe place for their children. The answer is Yes! I’ll show you the reason why I personally think roblox is good for kids over 10 and vote it a 4.5 I hope you will enjoy this review...

  • Momio Apex Legends Review!

    Apex LegendsWhats up, today I will give you my opinion on Apex Legends. Ive been playing the game for about a year now since its early days and I have stuck with it because of its awesome gameplay, its gameplay is very balanced sure there are some flaws here and there (mozambique) but its still able...

  • Booty Farm The Legend Game one of our most childhood memorable games we have played in our lives. This game is played by millions of players around the world and it is a skillfull game to play. it is not very hard to play this game and anyone who Grinds enough can master this amazing strategically game we all love.You...

  • My reveiw of Fortnite!

    Hello! My name is Tali and I will be telling you all about this game named "Fortnite".What is Fortnite? Fortnite is a PvP game. In this game you can go into houses and loot guns, sheild potions, meds, and other items.How do you win? Well, there are different game modes. So therefore there are differ...

  • Akinator This game very easy to get Equipment

    Hello, Ill tell you about get Equipment in Honkai Impact. Ive played this game for about 2 years, so think I can share my experience about this game. Like other RPG Games, we need have great Gear/Item to support our Character. In Honkai Impact, we need Good Stigmata and Weapon to compete with other...

  • League of Legends How to improve in League of Legends

    So you want to improve in LoL thats normal, everybody does! Everyone has reached a point in their solo queue grind where they thought that they were going to be stuck there forever, started blaming their teammates and argued in chat whether it was their fault or their junglers, all of us have gone t...

  • Crossout Crossout Review A Good Game for Car Combat

    Lets start with the obvious details. Crossout is a free to play game developed by Targem Games and published by Gaijin Entertainment who have also published games such as War Thunder and Cuisine Royale. This free to play game has post apocalyptic theme where users can create unique mad max like vehi...

  • The climb is hard, but the view is great. Proud to be part of my team

    Hey, Ive been playing it for a long time, and I am so proud of me to be at this level. Personally, I am in the "Fagaras" team at level 3697. I like to play with both the fruit and Austin, with my dog ​​and cat in the game. I participate in competitions, home renovations and various challenges. I rec...

  • Sacred Saga Online Let's get closer to the grenades in the CSGO

    Smoke grenades A smoke bomb ($ 300) makes a thick cloud of smoke that lasts for about 18 seconds, which can be exploited in a variety of ways. It is equally important in attack and defense. CT players serve as a blockade of key points, while on the T side, with the help of smoke, you make room for y...