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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (B2P) Rainbow Six's Rise to Glory

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CSGO (B2P) How To Properly Use An AK-47

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World of Tanks World of tanks: Is it worth your time?


Big Farm First Big Farm Review

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  • Diablo III (B2P) World Robots is it worth downloading ?

    If you like robot game well this game is worth your time if you didnt know this game is a mobile game you can play it on a Android Phone or a IOS (iPhone) . You have a lot of choice when it comes to robots you have faster robots with low damage (dmg) or slower robots with high dmg (damage) you can c...

  • Crossfire Crossfire, is it good

    Crossfire (CF) is a first person shooters by SmileGate in Korean The raid was released by VTC Game (In Vietnam) , maintained and developed from the beginning to the present. With great context, attractive gameplay, vivid graphics are beautiful and regularly updated with new objects, systems and char...

  • League of Legends A basic overview of League of Legends in the eyes of a long time player. Is it worth playing?

    Ive been playing League for quite a bit now. I started playing back in season 2 and I was a total noob, well I am still a bit of a noob, but that doesnt really bother me anymore. The game changed a lot over the years for better or for worse. I tried getting into it competetively but it just didnt wo...

  • World of Warships World of Warships a original game

    World of Warships or WoW how many peoples say this game is all about warships if you cant read the title this game is a good competitive game made by some dedicated developers who work very hard for the players to get the best experience that they can ever get from a game like that regular updates,i...

  • War Thunder War Thunder too good to be real

    War Thunder one of the best games i ever played ! War Thunder is a combination of WoT (World of Tanks) and WoW (World of Warships). If you ever played WoT or WoW or both this game is made for you now you have 3 types of vehicles tanks,ships and planes the cool part is that you can fight with all of...

  • Fortnite Battle Royale

    Fortnite a battle royal game. Is it worth your time ? Well if you ask me yes it is thats why : Well this game is played by a lot of people and it has a relatively good community and a lot of updates from the developers the game has a lot of potential and the developers are doing a very good job ! No...

  • League of Legends Janna Support 2019 League of Legends

    There are some magicians who surrender themselves to the forces of nature, and forget the magic they have learned. One of these magicians is Janna. Jannas ability is very good with the air element. Janna brings that ability into Summoners Rift. Janna is one of the Mage Support Champions who is very...

  • World of Tanks World of Tanks should you try it ?

    Well if you are here for the direct answer yes but if you wanna know why thats why: Well is a competitive online game where you can chose a tank and fight with it in a online match you can upgrade your tank buy you need to farm a little bit the game is random every time and you need to build a new s...

  • Roblox My first roblox experience

    I saw this game called Roblox on a livestream on a youtuber called TREX he was playing on a tycoon server when i saw the game i wanted to play it but i didnt know if it was free or with money (i was a noob) so i created a account and i joined for my first time on Survive the Natural Disasters i saw...

  • VastWars How to ace at Soulcaliber

    Soulcalibur, the action themed game on, is indeed a joy to play! The gameplay is mesmerising with a gripping storyline. The graphics are pretty amazing along with an equally good SFX that makes the game even more exciting to play! The game requires you to register initially (which virt...