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League of Legends League of Legends || How to climb from iron to gold!

  • Booty Farm still worth the hype 6 years after release! was released in April 2015 and became a very popular online game for all ages to have fun and simply pass the time. Some however took it to the next level and became very good at the game using it to fuel their videos on the suddenly booming YouTube. This is all practically common knowledge...

  • Animal Jam Animal Jam- An Honest Review By A Non-Member (2021)

    Animal Jam! I remember playing this game back when I was way younger. Now I am a bit too old on it, but then I saw this game on the place and I thought: Wow! Lets play it again!So I present to you, a new updated 2021 review of Animal Jam! Upon creating my character (I was a penguin), I noticed that...

  • Slime CCG Minecraft Review BY batniga (the best minecraft player)

    Minecraft is the number 1 selling game. It was created by Mojang which was later bought by Microsoft. The idea was made by the Ceo Markus Persson. Everybody loves Minecraft. It has a lot of communities in which people are either nice or kind. Or they can be toxic 9 year olds. There are lots of thing...

  • Castle Woodwarf 2 if ur bored play brawl stars

    IF YOU ARE BORED, THEN PLAY BRAWL STARS!Fun! Building camaraderie! Think wisely!is some advantages you can get when you play BRAWL STARS!So, what are you waiting for? Download the app then play. It’s FREE!!! This game is about having fun. It can be played by kids and adults! Yes! Adults may also hav...

  • Momio New pinging in-game system, so let's hop into new in-game update, which makes game even easier for newcomers and even pros!

    Battle royale games can feel, particularly for newcomers, like a monumental challenge. Even the most talented players will marathon through sessions in which their best efforts are laborious but futile. Forage for weapons and armor, scramble to eliminate other players for a momentary shot at glory,...

  • Starbound - Catacombs #1 - Erchius Mining Facility

    Starbound is one of my favorite games of all time, especially when added onto with the modpack known as Frackin Universe. To show my love for the game, I will begin a series of articles known as Catacombs, where I explore my favorite dungeons from Starbound and Frackin Universe.The first dungeon tha...

  • Minecraft A Guide to Speed Running Minecraft

    What do I need to know about speedrunning Minecraft? Since to introduction of the Ender Dragon in Minecraft Beta meant that Minecraft received an official ending. This lead to many people competing to try and complete Minecraft as fast as possible. However, there are many different categories that a...

  • Wizard101 Wizard101: Nostalgia lined with Gold

    Wizard101 is a turn-based MMORPG set in a world of magic and monsters. I remember years ago, where I used to see commercials for the game nearly every day while watching television. It was fascinating to me; watching all the battles and all the characters. Sadly, I was never able to play the game in...

  • Roblox How to get free Robux

    Is this article a scam? Duh no of course cause if I want to scam you why would I have asked that question? Or is this a reverse psychology trick? Either way it works because I have tried it. Well actually it depends on your luck mostly to be honest, whether the website will give you robux or not. Th...

  • Rust (B2P) My take on Cuisine Royale: ACTUALLY AMAZING

    To be honest, Ive never actually heard of Cuisine Royale outside of bananatic. The only famous battle royales that I hear of are Fortnite, PUBG, and COD. This is why I wasnt really expecting much when I was downloading Cuisine Royale for the first time. My initial impression of the game was that it...