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Warframe Platinum and you - A guide on what to spend your starting platinum on and how to get more!

Guide Lúcio Main

CSGO (B2P) CSGO: A guide to skins, crates, keys, trading & more!

Guide Pyroinsanical

League of Legends Basics of League Of Legends

Tutorial Derpybotboy

World of Tanks Surprising Outlook on an Old Game

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Team Fortress 2 Should you play TF2?

Review malicioustoast

Rust (B2P) One of the best games ever

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Roblox Roblox Review 2018 - #1 site for kids

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Roblox Let your imagination run wild with Roblox!

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  • Warframe Warframe is a great game and is addicting!

    warframe is a really creative game and has its ups and downs but mostly ups. warframe is a multiplayer/singleplayer game that you can explore around and customize your characters. you can play with your friends and experience the immersive game with a bunch of mates! one of the main reasons why the...

  • Bleach Online Tutorial for Bleach Online/Review!

    bleach online has been one of the games that have been well loved by society and has been tossed around for a while. there is also an anime called Bleach and is really well done. the game has a very nice vibe to it and will stay in my heart. the guide to the game mainly just sticks around with the t...

  • Roblox Let your imagination run wild with Roblox!

    Roblox is such a great game and has been in my childhood for many years now. Just seeing this game blow up in the past years have been absolutely amazing. You can play online with friends or just by yourself, you have thousands of servers to choose from as well. Roblox has endless possibilities with...

  • Minecraft Why Minecraft is NOT Competitive Game? (Minecraft ESL)

    Ok, guys, I´m back, I am ELcesaR and I was thinking a lot about this game...Minecraft and I remember that Minecraft was selected for ESL to be a Competitive Game, but we know the truth and I will tell you why Minecraft was not defined as a competitive game. 1- Minecraft is NOT a Competitive Game Ok,...

  • Slime CCG First Look At: Slime CCG

    Check out this video to see my first look at Slime CCG. Also if you guys would like to see more videos on the game post a comment and I would be happy to make more entries!

  • Paladins Paladins Maeve´s Guide ( How I use Maeve) (How to be a Grand Master with Maeve)

    Well, What´s up, guys? My name is Cesar or ELcesar or if you want to say me ELcesaRStarFTW it`s ok, no problem my homies. Well, this is a short or long guide about that champion what is so cute, her name is Maeve and she is the most beautiful champion in all Paladins (F*ck u Skye, Evie, Lian, Seris,...

  • bananatic promotion i love bananatic

    i love bananatic this is why i made this First off, to earn bananas in the fun zone you must play the games (I have found 2025 or whatever it is called to be one of the best), and watch the advertisements that appear completely.I also like how you can just buy things on it without any information ot...

  • WWE 2K18 Gameplay | Bray Wyatt vs Gran Metalik vs Sami Zayn (Falls Count Anywhere) (Legend)

    This is just one of the hundreds of matches you can have in WWE 2K18. This is a triple threat match meaning 1v1v1. This match is different than most being a pinfall can occur outside of the ring. I am going to be recording a lot more random matches and I hope you all enjoy the showcase of WWE 2K18.

  • Formal Plays - Deceit Episode 1

    Check out this video and see how to play Deceit. Deceit is a game that has 6 players, 4 innocent and 2 infected. The infected need to try to kill all the innocent while the innocent need to escape. This is a gameplay as the infected player. We will be making a lot more so keep posted!

  • Minecraft How to Play Minecraft Turf Wars

    Minecraft is dangerous. You can sit down to a new randomly generated world for a quick session only to snap out of the creative haze many hours later to realize youve forgotten to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. Theres always just one more tunnel to carve, one more resource to harvest, one more...