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Unlimited Ninja 2 articles
  • Unlimited Ninja Other Naruto game "Unlimited Ninja" - Good or Bad?

    Unlimited Ninja is another game based on the anime series Naruto, Unlimited Ninja is a fun game but I do not think it is the best game based on the Naruto series In this game we will have the possibility to select one of three characters with ninjas abilities, we can select between gen-Jutsu, Taijut...

  • Unlimited Ninja Tavern decisions

    When you play Unlimited Ninja you are gonna face the tavern which forces you to decide whats best for your team. As an expert in not paying more than 1 euro on the game I can help you decide what to do on the tavern. So first of all you are gonna get to level 20 where you will be able to get: Kakuro...