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  • Warframe Should you play Warframe in 2022?

    Were halfway through 2022 and there are lots and lots of looter-shooters out here. With so many options to choose from it is hard to make a choice. Even with so many games from the genre available none of them match Warframe. This game was released back in 2013. At that time I was not much of a game...

  • Warframe How to Easily Get Platinums without spending Real Money

    Warframe is a Sci-fi Fantasy RPG game with various features and equipments available for players to use. As we all know, there are 2 kinds of in-game currencies that we usually use, Credits and Platinums. Credits can easily be earned by doing missions and looting from crates and enemies. Platinums h...

  • Warframe Warframe: THE BEST (NOT P2W) MMO GAME!!!

    When I first tried playing Warframe, I was stunned with how good the graphics are for a free game on steam. So I had to download it on my laptop and dang, it was like finding gold in a mine. There were some issues downloading it since it costs more than 8GB on my storage. But it was all worth it whe...

  • Warframe Warframe Review from a veteran player

    I have played the game for more than a accumulated thousand hours across several years. I would highly recommend playing the game if you are looking for a fast-paced 3rd person shooter MMORPG and want to have access to a large variety of customization options, weapons, battle suits (warframes), ship...

  • Warframe `Getting Started On Warframe And What You Should Know And Do!

    I know from personal experience that Warframe can be a bit too much and at times overwhelming. This is why I decided to make this guide to show you how to get through your first hours of the game! When you start the game you are thrown in to a tutorial mission, in this mission you learn the basic ga...

  • Warframe Warframe! Should you play it?Is it worth the grind? Well find out now! This free to play game will impress you for sure!

    Warframe is the smash hit free to play game and with the Fortuna update released not so long ago I thought I might write a review and tell you what Warframe is all about. Me personally I have about 1k hours on Warframe and I have only begun to scratch the surface of the game content. So when you cre...

  • Warframe Warframe is a great game and is addicting!

    warframe is a really creative game and has its ups and downs but mostly ups. warframe is a multiplayer/singleplayer game that you can explore around and customize your characters. you can play with your friends and experience the immersive game with a bunch of mates! one of the main reasons why the...

  • Warframe They said this game was supposed to fail, now look where it is.

    There are almost thousands of MMOs out there that promise a lot of bang for your buck, but this game promises almost everything it has for free; Bang for no Buck. Before this game became what it is today, it had a long and arduous crawl out of "Developer Hell" called out by other game developers as...

  • Warframe Platinum and you - A guide on what to spend your starting platinum on and how to get more!

    The Starting Platinum Now, Warframe has one of the best free to play models on the market. They allow you to purchase special currency like any other game which can be traded for in-game rewards, but they can also be traded between players. You start off with 50 in-game special currency called "Plat...

    Lúcio Main
  • Warframe My First Impressions

    Warframe has a vast and interesting world with many aliens such as the Grineer. They have manyd different weapons and frames to purchase. It is a really impressive game considering it is for free. It is available on consoles and PC so I highly recommend giving it a try. The weapons in the game are e...

  • Warframe How to Get A Better Warframe

    Warframe is a game all about farming and grinding. Not saying this about all free to play games, but they generally have a bit more of a farming aspect to them. Warframe is similar, but the way you get different "Warframes" can still be a lot of fun. Okay, to start off you must research which Warfra...

    Agars Lord
  • Warframe Warframe - The latest and greatest hack and slash and shoot.

    Now, this not the latest hack and slash game, (it came out in 2013) however it is one of my favorites. And with an open world area recently added, whats not to love? Warframe puts you in the shoes of a futuristic war ninja called a tenno. Tennos are masters of combat and can hold 3 weapons to use. T...

  • Warframe Best free mmorpg since 2013?

    I have been playing Warframe [here on Bananatic] since 2013 with a few breaks. The game is truly amazing with very high detail put into the game and the quality of textures is better than most games that you pay for. In-game, you play as a chosen at start 1 of 3 characters called Tenno. Tenno is a s...

  • Warframe Is Warframe Worth Trying?

    I picked this game up a long, long while ago. I never seen it offered on the site or anything like that. It started out really easy and as you progress, its still as easy. There is boss fights what make the game difficult though, but that all depends on the teammates you get too. To make the game ha...

  • Warframe Warframe (By a newbie who only just reached MR10)

    Hello! My name is Jarbey. A few months ago I began playing Warframe and Im still playing everyday! Its an amazing game that isnt scared to be complex (unlike destiny) and here is what I thought of it. Overall I thought it was an amazing game and it even tore me away from Overwatch. What is Warframe?...