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  • Geometry Dash 2.2: And The Levels That Came With It

    Geometry Dash 2.2: This article will talk about the recent surge of what is known as Lobotomy Levels, and find meaning within them and the innovation of the community. Geometry Dash. With its latest update, it has experienced an incredible resurgence spurred on by the unwavering devotion of its play...

  • The Best Valorant Tutorial

    Here we are once again. Valorant is a FPS shooter game. Once you open the game, it spawns you at the range. There you need to learn the controls and the aim. It may be hard for new people, because it has precise gunplay and accuracy. When you kill some bots at the range, you need to go to the buy me...

  • Genshin Impact — General Info

    Genshin Impact has been on the rise ever since it got released. With its unique characters, interesting storyline, and magnificent landscapes, it caught the hearts of millions. The game hasnt been out for a long time, making its debut in 2020 and winning Best Mobile Game in 2021. Its an open-world g...

  • Dead by Daylight — Latest Updates

    Dead by Daylight has been one of the most popular horror games for around a decade. Although the horror aspect of the game is slowly dissipating for many players, new users still find the thrill here and there. Add to that, jumpscare Myers is always around to keep us on our toes. Developers are also...

  • Build a Bearville Rewritten - Childhood Memories

    Teddy bear lovers are sure familiar with Build-A-Bear. With being one of the very creative stores, BAB offers its customers a unique experience. For over 20 years now, customers have had the pleasure to create hands-on their very own toys. Picking the bear, stuffing it, and customizing it are some o...

  • My story in Club Romantic

    Hello. I will not reveal the secret of my name. Let me be called Mia. I will now tell you about my story. One day, while working in a printing house, I received a letter. It was an invitation to a party. The party was carnival and of course I really wanted to go to it, but what else is a young lonel...

  • alter ego mobile review

    Alter ego is a clicker style game centred around mental health and self discovery that is free to download on mobile. For age rating while this game does not contain bad language or anything explicit it may be a bit confrontational or unnerving for some so id recommend that anyone who plays this is...

  • Dead by daylight switch review

    Dead by daylight is a horror game designed for an adult audience. It is a cross platform multiplayer game that centres purely on online play. The game seems simple enough on the surface as you choose to be either a survivor or killer. My first compliment i must give to this game is the wide selectio...

  • Not tonight take back control edition switch review

    Not tonight is a recent rpg game based on a alternate universe of events that may of happened due to Brexit. This game covers many dark elements like crime, discrimination, bad language and the selling of drugs so is definitely not appropriate for a younger audience. However for a older audience it...

  • Deemo nintendo switch review

    Deemo is a rhythm game that came out in 2013 and was imported to switch. It is similar to other rhythm games on the market like Piano Tiles and Taiko no tatsujin. However the key noticeable differences can be seen in the indie hand drawn esque graphics as well as the overall play style, mainly the l...

  • Mario Party Superstars switch review

    Mario party superstars is the newest addition to the Mario Party spin off franchise. It consist of a few modes and five maps of increasing difficulty. The main selling point of this new game is the collection of minigames. As a blast to the past game for the older Mario Fans with the most popular an...

  • Party hard switch review

    Party Hard is a stealth killer game that was released in 2015 to steam. It was very quickly imported to the switch also after the switches release to the majority of the public. As you would likely guess from the cover this game mainly centres around mass killing of innocent people so anyone who is...

  • Cuphead switch review

    Cuphead is a game that came out in 2017. It instantly became a very popular phenomenon in the gaming community leading to lots of videos, merch and fans overall sharing their love for this retro styled shooter game. This game allows up to two players so is ideal for a couples night in of laughter bu...

  • Boom street review, what is this!?

    Boom street or otherwise known as fortune street in European countries is a board style game that is very much a mix between a Mario party and a monopoly. It is a game that like all Mario games in the series is safe for all ages, it is also very much fun for the family as there is room for up to fou...

  • Around the world with hello kitty and friends 3ds review

    Hello is a very recognisable and beloved brand especially for young girls. Their mascot being a cat/human hybrid with a gang of anthropomorphic friends all cutely designed and having a simple but sweet and soft design. This brand is especially loved in areas where they have whole establishments dedi...