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  • Humans against man-eating giants: Round 2

    Attack on Titan 2 is the sequel to the hack and slash game Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom. The way I see it, AOT 2 demonstrates what a proper video game sequel is meant to be – a clear improvement over the original. The game follows the events of the first two seasons of the anime, though it late...

  • When supernatural evil invades... Who you gonna call?

    Ghostbusters Remastered brings back the good old days of the Ghostbusters-franchise. Two years have passed since the events of Ghostbusters II. Life in New York has been more or less ordinary since then. However, things change when a large number of paranormal events occur within a short span of tim...

  • Gauls, Romans, magic potion, video game parodies, oh my! (Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Review)

    After over a decade from its original release in 2006, Asterix & Obelix XXL 2: Mission: Las Vegum was finally remastered for HD and released on several platforms in November 2018. As far as Im concerned, many fans of Asterix will be pleased to have access to the game once more. Getafix is once again...

  • FapCEO: Spearhead A Naughty Empire!

    Ive never been too big a fan of Hentai games... Like most people, I dont often see myself playing them, under casual circumstances. However, when I stumbled across FapCEO, I realized how uniquely funny some of them can be, as it opened me up to interpretation, like any good game should do for its ge...

  • A Beginner's Guide to (haha) Candy Match!

    Hi, everyone! Hows it going? If youre here like me, its probably a great day. Were all in the quest for bananas. There are lots of ways. So maybe you want to play a simple little game... I know this isnt a new thing; its just one of many in the smart phone game array. Nevertheless, it will help you...

  • Kidnapping the princess: the video game (Nefarious review)

    Its safe to expect everyone knows the old and worn out story: the fair, just and lovely princess is abducted by the sinister and vile villain. The hero tracks the bad guy to his lair, beats him up and rescues the princess. Nefarious is a game that turns the setting around: this time YOU are the vill...

  • How to Get Thousands of Starcoins on MovieStarPlanet!

    MovieStarPlanet is game that can be downloaded on a computer, played in browser, as well as downloaded on a phone. The game has multiple servers for people from different countries. The most popular servers are the US, UK, and Canada. However, MovieStarPlanet also offers servers such as France, Turk...

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  • First Scribblenauts on big platforms: Scribblenauts Unlimited (Review)

    With the premise of creating virtually anything by simply writing words, Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts became massive hits on Nintendo DS. Scribblenauts Unlimited is the fourth title in the series developed by 5th Cell and the first one to bring the game to major platforms, such as PC, Xbox...

  • The Park: an experience of psychological horror

    Developed and published by Funcom in 2015, The Park is a spin-off game that takes place in the world of the MMORPG Secret World Legends. In the game the player experiences the unknown, sinister magical side of the modern world through the eyes of an ordinary person. Lorraine Maillard and her son Cal...

  • A review on Don't Starve Together

    This game in my opinion is one of the most underrated games to ever be made, it is an open world survival game, where the character spawns from a portal called the "Florid Postern". There is a variety of characters the main one being Wilson, The Mad Scientist. Every character has 3 main stats being...


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  • Why is Mobile Legends : Bang Bang better than other MOBA games?

    The real-time strategy games have taken over the community of gamers by storm. Professional gamers are addicted to some of the renown RTS games such as League of Legends, World Of Warcraft, DOTA, DOTA 2 etc and why should they not be? I mean, they have everything to enjoy except driving a car that m...

  • CS GO Skins just playing games.Free & NO DEPOSIT.Best site 2019 to get skins for CS GO

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  • CS:GO Community Market Issues

    So as many CS:GO players have come to realize, unfortunately, is that Valve, the real creators and owners of the Steam Market, implemented a trading ban almost a year ago, and it still has such a large impact on the CS:GO Community today. Before the trading ban was established, the community market...

  • The Escapists 2: Center Perks 2.0 Perimeter Breakout

    The Escapists 2 is a game about a prisoner trying to escape prison. Was he wrongfully put in jail? Did he steal food from someone elses fridge? Well, this post isnt about speculating about why our character was put in prison but instead escaping it. Today I will be showing you guys and gals how to e...