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  • League of Legends Basics of League Of Legends

    When starting out on league of legends, also commonly referred to as LOL you need to create and account. You can pick any name you want so long as it is not vulgar and it is not taken. Next you pick a starting champ for the tutorial, I recommend Ashe as she is a good champion to pick up on early so...

  • League of Legends LOL: First Mass Multiplayer

    Everyone, even non-gamers have heard of the huge franchise that is League of Legends. People from all ages play it, for example, even my English teacher plays league. This may result from the fact that the way the game is systematized makes it appealing to all ages. It is also one of the biggest fre...

  • League of Legends League of Legends - The Holy Grail of MOBAs

    Ive started playing League of Legends EXACTLY 1 year ago and this is my first MOBA game ever. Usually, I play MMORPGs like Maplestory or Warframe but since my classmate recommended to me this game, Ive decided not to be stubborn and try a MOBA for once. This was a good decision. I tried DOTA 2 like...

  • League of Legends League is the best MOBA game yet no matter what.

    League is one of the main MOBAs out there right now and it is very amazing and cool to play. People have been playing this game for a very long time plus this game is still being updated with all the new characters that they add and the cool feature of free champion rotation that changes every week...

  • League of Legends Your guide to League of Legend's Acronyms (ALPHABETICALLY SORTED)

    NOTE (Important: This mini guide is not meant to explain the usage of compounded words such as KYS or TTYL, look that up instead.) Hello! This is my small guide to the specific abbreviations of League of Legends. This guide will be displayed in an alphabetically sorted, organized LIST. First off, we...

  • League of Legends Simple Review of League of Legends

    League of Legends by Riot Games is one of the most popular games worldwide-- with a World Championship series providing players with hundreds of thousands of dollars in rewards! Its in a Free-to-Play game in genre called MOBAs, also known as Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas. These games combine fast...

  • League of Legends My Review on League of Legends

    I have had League of Legends for nearly 2 years now but only actually started playing around mid-2016 because I wasnt interested at the time. Ever since then, I have loved the game. Im not hugely competitive and play for fun but have played ranked at times and it is good. The game is fun, addictive...

  • League of Legends My Review on League of Legends (Fundamental Points)

    I have started League of Legends (LoL) around two years ago and I feel like I have enough information to write a review about it. League of Legends is a fun MOBA that includes 5v5, and 3v3 PvP battles, it is a great game made by Riot Games and has patches every two weeks or so to keep the game refre...

  • League of Legends League of Legends - Lux Basic Guide

    Lux is a great champion to use in League of Legends, we can use it in many ways and in different lines on the game map, this is a basic configuration of how we can equip Lux with different objects, masteries and the best runes for this champion. When we start the game we can start in two ways, first...

  • League of Legends How to get started League Of Legends.

    Hello, ill be teach you how to play/ get started on league of legends. First of all, you will need to make an account, follow my simple instructions. Go to and click on the Play Now button it will take you to the sign-up. There you have to put in your email, youll have to cho...

  • League of Legends How to Support (With a Blitzcrank focus)

    While it may seem like an easy task, playing support is actually the hardest role to fulfil. You may think that all it is is healing your ADC and getting bossed around by them but this is not true. While your ADC is using "skill" to farm minions you have to poke the other ADC and stop your ADC from...

  • League of Legends League of Legends - One of the Best MOBA games

    League of Legends is an MOBA mode game, this game is very famous nowadays, it is one of many games that are internationally recognized. Already for several years that there is the League of Legends and I have been lucky enough to play it since its early years, over time has been able to witness how...

  • League of Legends League of legends: An unmissable experience

    League of Legends or LoL for short is a free to play Moba (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) developed and published by Riot games for PC. Ever since its initial release (27 October 2009), League of Legends has been exponentially increasing in popularity while the worldwide player count has exceeded...

  • League of Legends The best strategy game called LOL

    An excellent game created by the Riot Games company this game is based on destroying the nexus to the opposing team, there is a high level of competitiveness, in particular, I am gold I, but there are people who reach the maximum level that is challenging and can be reached Become legends of the gam...

  • League of Legends GIVE LOL A GO, YOU WON'T REGRET IT

    League of Legends is a MOBA, where one picks a champion out of about hundred champions, each with their own unique abilities and skills. After you complete the tutorial with Ashe the Frost Archer, you will be introduced to the main menu where everything begins. At first you will only be able to play...