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  • Metin2 Metin 2 my first MMORPG i ever played

    When i got my first computer (it was pretty trash) i didnt even have internet connection so i made an account and played this game on my neighbor computer but after a week or 2 i got router and the first game i got on my computer was Counter-Strike 1.6 so Metin 2 was my 2nd game i ever played but it...

  • Metin2 Metin 2 changed my childhood

    When i was very young on of my neighbor presented me a unofficial server of Metin 2 it was called Metin 2 Fun..and at the start i was a noob i spned ages just to get up to lvl 30...and the server had pretty big rates with was a pve server but after some year of playing and learning the game the devs...

  • Metin2 Metin2 MMORPG and skill

    The world of Metin consists of three empires: the Shinsoo Empire, the Chunjo Empire, and the Jinno Empire at war with each other; as well as a central, neutral zone4. The player embodies an adventurer in an Asian universe. The choice is made between 5 classes of characters: the sura, the warrior, th...

  • Metin2 Metin 2 | How It All Started (Review)

    I have started playing Metin2, in 2006, when I was only 4 years old, i never got any level higher than 20, at that age, maybe until 2010. I remember when my brother went away for holidays, so i installed a Private Server of Metin2 (It was Easy server) And i hit level 120 instantly, i was so happy, b...