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  • Travian Travian excellent online strategy game!

    Much like the Imperia Online, but newer Travian is an excellent online strategy game. It is slower than the Imperia Online, but it is a little bit more complex than the competition. Travian is started a way back in 2004. It Focuses on three factions, there are: Gals, Romans, and Teutonic. Each of th...

  • Travian Travian legend: a good game

    Today I will take you to the world of Travian Legends, with my review, Im naturally referring to one of the best strategic FREE browser games. The game mechanics are the same as any other strategic free to play, the player is called to earn resources of all kinds, in order to build and expand their...

  • Travian To pay or not to pay; that is the question!

    Ill be is a Tribal Wars 2 but slightly more complicated, slightly less frustrating and completely dependant on how much money you put into it. I LOVE how the game elaborates and improves upon concepts like Tribal Wars 2. Of course, I suggest looking into a synopsis of tribal wars 2 to und...

  • Travian My personal experience

    I think the game itself is very self-explanatory, it can be improved by adding extra features like leaderboards and multiplayer experience. The tutorial seemed uninviting yet it was fairly easy to complete and the graphics could be improved more as they are still images which could have included rea...