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  • Bleach Online Tutorial for Bleach Online/Review!

    bleach online has been one of the games that have been well loved by society and has been tossed around for a while. there is also an anime called Bleach and is really well done. the game has a very nice vibe to it and will stay in my heart. the guide to the game mainly just sticks around with the t...

  • Bleach Online bleach online a MMORPG

    Located in the manga world created by Tite Kubo, Bleach Online / My Bankai is a scripted browser-based MMORPG that is completely free to play and features many characters, themes and stories from the animated series. The game is a group development MMORPG where players must work on improving the mem...

  • Bleach Online Bleach Online: A mindless game

    I have been playing Bleach online over the past month and I leveled up quite quickly. Bleach online is based off an anime and has many characters that look so. You battle certain people in order to complete quests. All the battles are automatic, which may make it quite boring to wait for the battle...

  • Bleach Online Bleach Online is Not a Stain that has to be Bleached

    Online anime based MMOs like Bleach Online are becoming a prominent trend in the MMO genre, but with the rise in popularity of anime MMOs such games have become the victim of mostly undeserved scrutiny. There are many anime fans who view anime MMOs such as Bleach Online as simply a shameless way to...

  • Bleach Online online bleach a game to have fun for hours

    Hello dear friends I want to talk to you today about a game that I discovered and I think its great, this is online bleach, when I saw the game I thought it would be fake advertising but I realized its real, an online game of the creators fantastic bleach series Japanese Tite Kubo. The games drawing...

  • Bleach Online My personal experience 7

    Black online is an ordinary mouse click game which is 2D and offers a fictional set of mind in the Bleach manga/anime. You are able to pick a mixture of 3 male / 3 female characters when starting the game on a server. Each character has different abilities from a well-balanced composition allowing y...

  • Bleach Online My thoughts on Bleach Online

    I didnt really like the structure of the game, at all. The story line, and when you dropped into the game, seemed to kind of make sense, in a way. Also, the fact that the font sizing was too small, but it didnt really matter. Also, the tutorial guide was kind of, vague. and everytime you unlocked so...

  • Bleach Online Complete Guide to Level 30 on Bleach Online + Quest Help (Quickest Way)

    For those of you out there that think that Bleach Online has a bit -too- much text to read through and all you want to do is to get your quests done, heres your guide. The 3 main things you need to do are this: 1. On the Current Task on the right side of the screen, click on the blue text or any cli...

  • Bleach Online A Summary and Review of Bleach Online (at Level 35)

    Bleach Online is a standard Browser-based MMORPG game. You complete quests and missions to become powerful enough to defeat strong enemies, bosses, or even other players in PVP combat. Youve seen these kinds of games before. You pick a class, choose a side to fight for, and defeat enemies or complet...

  • Bleach Online A new and different game about the Bleach Series

    In this game we will start a new adventure in the universe of Bleach, Bleach Online is a game in which we will be part of the universe from the Bleach series where we can be one of three races available, we can select a character that can be a Shinigami, A Quincy or an Arrancar, and the three races...

  • Bleach Online Become a Shinigami on Bleach Online

    Bleach Online is a game based on the series called Bleach, just as in the series in this game appear different races like the Shinigami, Arrancar, and Quincy. This game to be a game that does not need to download any data to your computer is a very fun and entertaining game that will appeal to every...

  • Bleach Online Bleach Online a non anime fan's perspective

    Bleach online is an online browser based game developed by GoGames in which you play the main character and follow a unique storyline with close allusion to the anime series. The free online RPG (Role Playing Game) is both enjoyable and captivating with its smooth gameplay and anime style of graphic...

  • Bleach Online Bleach Online: Very Fun

    This game is a very unique experience, and I would recommend it to any serious gamer who is looking for a game to pass the time. When you first start youll notice that there is a lot going on and you may see it as overwhelming. Well its not too bad. the easiest thing to do is just follow the tutoria...

  • Bleach Online A Whole Lot of Clicking

    Bleach Online overall is a decent game. You do quests, earn allies, and fight people. Most of the game can be played without much thought: battles are automatic and hyperlinks allow you to play through quests. Often bold displays tell you how to continue on. You dont really have to understand or car...


    Bleach online is a MMORPG game . Just like any other MMORPG you need to fist create a account and then choose a server on which you want to play the game . As you enter the game , the game ask to select you hero out six characters from the Bleach anime . Once you select the character the tutorial of...