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  • Neverwinter A Dungeons & Dragons World

    Neverwinter is am MMO game which takes place in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, in a place called - you guessed it - "Neverwinter". Neverwinter resides in a region called the "Sword Coast". You have a nice selection of races to choose from for your first character, though admittedly my first choice...

  • Neverwinter Neverwinter gets old

    I just got Neverwinter a couple weeks and spent about 5 hours playing it. I got to level 19 and I was playing nonstop. Basically, you complete quest after quest, some short, some quite time-consuming. I would advise to be selective in your quests and get the most experience out of your time. Some of...

  • Neverwinter Complete Guide to Level 25 on Neverwinter

    Hello everyone and welcome to a review of the largest game Ive ever done, Neverwinter, a game thats just superb in every detail, from great quests to lots of lore and interesting people and places, a game I truly enjoyed playing for hours a day and one of the best free to play games Ive ever played....

  • Neverwinter Neverwinter. Good or Not?

    Originally picked this game up due to bananatics questing system. Ive began to become quite enthralled with these types of games, MMORPG. This was the first one I had to install, however. I had to create 2 accounts, so I briefly got to try the Archer class. For me, the class system seems to be prett...

  • Neverwinter The Cost of Admission

    When starting this game I was immediately taken back to a time when i was scarfing down pizza pockets and watching the best T.V ever to exist . This game plays hot and heavy with your nostalgia strings and takes you outside of your comfort zone quite early and often. Those looking for a reprise of t...

    Jaded Gamer
  • Neverwinter Neverwinter: MMO Meets DnD

    Neverwinter is a MMORPG game in which you go through a DnD World in which have similar races to other MMOs, such as everquest or world of warcraft. Human, High Elf, Wood Elf, Two Different Dragonbornes(actual half dragons, not like Elder Scrolls Skyrim where they are any race with the blood of a dra...