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  • Gigantic Complete Guide to Level 13 on Gigantic (Quickest Way, about 5-10 hours, client based 5v5 hero team shooter game)

    Hello there! Im here with my very first non-browser game guide (one of these other ones actually worked!) for Gigantic, a Team Hero style game in the likes of Paladins or Overwatch but free to play and pretty great! If you happen to not have this game pop up in your quests on Bananatic, I didnt thin...

  • Gigantic A Review of Gigantic by A Casual Player

    Looks like im the first one to write about Gigantic, maybe not. I may not have 1000 hours on the game, but Ive played it for a bit and watched some videos of it. Ill admit it has been sometime since Ive played the game Gigantic is a hero based shooter where your objective is to attack the enemy guar...