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  • Mars Tomorrow Why DOTA 2 Is still popular?

    Dota 2, also known as Defense of the Ancients, is a MOBA game and also a real time strategy game. The game was initially developed by IceFrog in year 2009 and released to the public through beta keys in 2011. Icefrog has tweaked this game from Dota, which players can enjoy a better gaming experience...

  • Mars Tomorrow [Uncommon Offlane Heroes] Dazzle as a Carry?

    Hey there, its me again with some more U.O.H, just thinking that i should share with you about this hero whos thought to be pretty uncommon pick in the offlane before, but not anymore, Lo and Behold the almight , newly made offlane hero, Dazzle. Since he has been appeared as some of the weakest hero...

  • Mars Tomorrow [Uncommon Offlane Heroes} Monkey King vs the world

    Hello guys , back again with another episode of U.O.H, this time about everyones favorite Monkey King . This hero is also more commonly known as safelane carry or midlane semi-carry ganker type, since the picks on offlane is rather rare, you ought to surpise most match-ups in the enemy safelane with...

  • Mars Tomorrow A quick guide on offlane Weaver

    Hey guys, Im back with another Dota 2 guide. This time well be talking about Weaver as an offlaner. In the near future Im going to do a series about the pretty most uncommon heroes to play in the hard lane called [Uncommon Offlane Heroes]. And this post today will kick start it.As you all have known...

  • Mars Tomorrow How to Distruptor Mid

    Hi guys, this is my first post on this website and ill be doing a guide on how to Midlane with distruptor (3k8 - 4k5+ mmr ). This article will include1. Why and when to pick distruptor mid + playstyle2. Item and talents build About me : I have ~ 3000 hours played on Dota 2 , and personally over 160+...