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Mars Tomorrow

Mars Tomorrow

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Description Mars Tomorrow

Mars Tomorrow is a tycoon simulation game set on Mars. Colonize the planet with the goal of terraforming it into a green world. Manage your many facilities so that your colony will be able to survive on their new home. Create an economy by mining or creating resources so that you may earn a profit and expand your territory so that you can close in on your goal of terraforming the planet. Earn Marsdollars so that you can expand your habitat and buy new transporters and earn Research Points to make your habitat more efficient. The most integral part of Mars Tomorrow is the ranking system. The game is periodically broken up into rounds that themselves are broken into 8 phases of terraforming. Doing certain tasks within the game earn the player Terrapoints that goes towards their ranking. When the round finishes the scores get posted to a global leaderboard and a new round begins.

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