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Addicting Games

There are many addicting games out there, and we’ve compiled this category to include some of the very best. As you’ll see, it’s a diverse range that features games from all kinds of genres and platforms, giving you an excellent selection to choose from. Why not try out as many as you can to find some that really appeal to you?
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes addicting games. Many people find strategy games addicting, thanks to their ‘one more turn’ nature. Others prefer games that have repetitive mechanics where high scores can be beaten. Both can be a great way to relax and spend some quality gaming time, it just depends on which appeals to you. Some of the top games in the world are fairly addictive, gathering huge and dedicated fan bases. They appeal to some of the fundamental things that make us human. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect other things in your life when you’re gaming, so make sure that you know when to stop!