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The desire to become a completely new person - adopting a different role - has evolved in mankind for centuries - during ancient carnivals, crowds of revellers wore face masks to alter their identity for just a few hours. In everyday life we also perform various roles as an employee, a child, a parent, a partner and so on. How about, thanks to RPGs, becoming ... a paladin, a magician or a druid just for a short while? Discover games from our list and capture the dream!
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Each of the RPG games we present are different - what distinguishes them the most is the unique gameplay and the possibility of creating your very own individual hero. Those games share one specific feature - they have become a perfect escape from daily routines that lack surprise or positive emotions. RPG games stimulate our imagination and help practice teamwork. Many such games focus on collaboration and require the creation of a clan or a league in order to achieve a spectacular win!