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Fantasy Games

Our daily life is quite seldom exciting - we spend most of the time at school, university or in the office. Our family life has it's own slow pace. Some of us always wanted something more... Creating alternative worlds inhabited by dragons, powerful wizards and surrounded by magic has been your children's dream? Today, you can escape the daily routine with some of the best fantasy games offered by Bananatic!
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Relax with your favourite fantasy games and expand your imagination. Those productions will help you escape the daily routine. Meet with magical characters, explore the secrets of creation different spells, brew potions - everything that relates to fantasy, mystical world will bring you a lot of joy and excitement. All in all, we have all dreamt of entering a completely new universe. All your deeds will be rewarded not only in the magical world but also in Bananatic. Gain higher levels in fantasy games and receive payout in Bananas - our virtual currency. Exchange it for Paysafecard, CS GO skins and many, many more fascinating rewards!